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The ensemble of flutes Jablonecká píšťalka (Whistle of Jablonec) was founded in 1988
and consisted of graduates of the Wooden Whistle, a flute school for cheldren and parents
(quite often whole families). The leaders of the group are a daughter Olga Fröhlichová
and her father Ctibor Letošník. The ensemble is unique not only because of its musical instruments,
the age differences of its members but also because of the width of its repertory.
The play compositions from Rennaiance to contemporary music, folk and popular songs,
parts of musicals, compositions of well-known as well as anonymous authors.
There are not many original pieces for such a group of flutes and therefore they perform
their own adapted versions prepared by Ctibor Letošník. they have visited 3 European countries -
- the United Kingdom, France and Germany and they regulary give concerts in Jablonec
and other parts of the Czech Republic. In 2002 a cooperation with a girls' choir Anima Saxí was started.
The choir is lead by Olga Fröhlichová at the secondry school Gymnazium U Balvanu
in Jablonec nad Nisou. They perform together at annual or Christmas concerts and they take part
in exchanges with a choir of a secondary school in Michelstadt, Germany.

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